Lastolite Hilite Extractions

1 Person, No Props - $1.00
1 Person w/ Netting (tennis racket/lacrosse sticks) - $1.75


*Subject must be completely within the white frame of the Hilite, rim lighting should be properly exposed and the image should be photographed F/8 or above for clear details.

Headshot Extractions

1 Person - $0.90


*School or Corporate headshots must be photographed on any solid or textured background at F/8 or above for clear details.

Standard Extractions


+ 1-2 People Per Image Pricing

  • 1-2 People Per Image - $1.50
  • 1-2 People with Netting (tennis rkt/lacrosse) - $2.25

+ 3 or more People Per Image Pricing

Category RBK to Client
3-10 People $2.25
11-20 People $3.15
21-30 People $4.00
31-40 People $4.80
41-50 People $5.60
51-60 People $6.30
61-70 People $7.00
71-90 People $8.15

Also Available For Extractions



Drop Shadows

Drop Shadows


*Image Extractions are for a single individual against a basic solid or environmental background. Objects, like chain link fencing as the background, or volleyball/soccer nets, draped across the individual will cost more to extract.

Multiple images combined in post production and submitted as one image will not be accepted.

We recommend photographing F/8 and above to retain as much detail in the subject as possible.

Clipping Paths

Clipping Paths are objects whose shape masks other artwork so that only areas that lie within the shape are visible—in effect, clipping the artwork to the shape of the mask. These masks can be altered later giving you great flexibility with your images.

Light (1 Person) - $3.00
Medium (2 or 3 People Per Image) - $5.00
Hard (4 or 10 People Per Image) - $7.00
Complex (11+ People Per Image) - $10.00